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  • Finland seems very bureaucratic compared to Sweden
  • The founding assembly was held in May 2008
  • Piraattipuolue became a registered association in September 2008
  • We are in the process of collecting 5 000 supporter signatures in order to be registered as an official party
  • Official parties can present candidates for elections
  • Currently we have about 3 000 signatures. We've been collecting since September
  • This means we propably won't be a recognized party early enough to participate in the EU election
    • Still, 650 cards per month is not that bad


  • Piraattipuolue has...
    • ..more than 900 members
    • ..an active IRC community of about 140 people
    • ..an active blog with about 300 visits per day
      • including such guest writers as a Finnish MP, music industry people etc.
    • ..a not-so-active discussion forum
    • ..active (but small) local groups in three major cities
    • ..demonstrations, statements, petitions, café meetings and hanging around
    • ..participated in information society and digital culture events
    • ..given interviews to newspapers/radio/tv on a regular basis (not daily of course, but still...)
  • Traditional media handles us surprisingly neutrally


  • We haven't got any. (It disappears faster than it comes)
  • We're going to have a little bit more of it in the near future
    • we got a license from the authorities to collect donations publicly (yes, you need a license for this in Finland)
    • we're establishing a youth organization
      • ..which probably is going to get all sorts of financial support
  • We're not planning to collect membership fees
    • -> we rely on donations

Our goals in 2009

  • To collect the rest of the supporter signature cards and get the "registered party" status
  • To participate in the EU elections (currently seems unlikely)
  • To expand local activity
  • To establish a youth organization
  • To double/triple/quadruple our membership (or something)
  • To be in more contact with other political parties and youth organizations