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Versio 22. joulukuuta 2008 kello 11.15

PPI Fourth Int'l Conference


Location Helsinki, Finland
Conference venue The New Student's House, Mannerheimintie 5 B, 4th floor (the very city core)
When? January 30th to February 1st 2008



  • We will present the pirate manifesto draft and discuss it and it's potential approval.
  • All representatives could shortly sum up on their respective party's progress and on their strategies for the EUP elections 2009.
  • Amelia Andersdotter (PPSE) someone will have a short presentation about funding of european youth organisations.
  • PPSE youth organisation Ung Pirat will be sending a delegate to Helsinki to discuss political organizing of youth with the local pirates.


Friday 30th

This day is reserved for people arriving to Helsinki, locating their residence and hanging out with the local pirates. We recommend arriving during daytime so that you have time to get to know each other. We'll probably go somewhere and have dinner.

Saturday 31st

Preliminary schedule:

09:45 (09:45 AM) Gathering at the conference venue (location yet undecided)
12:00 (0:00 PM (noon)) A quick lunch somewhere close to the venue
12:45 (0:45 PM (noon)) Regathering at the conference venue
16:00 (4:00 PM) We finish at the venue. The rest of the evening will consist of freeform activities.
The local pirates will probably want to take you out for dinner again.

Sunday 1st

Preliminary schedule:

09:30 (09:30 AM) Gathering at the conference venue.
Try to have a steady breakfast as to compensate the need for an early lunch.
13:00 (1:00 PM) We try to finish up the work we have at hand.
We will probably have lunch with those who have time.
Rest of the day Those who want to stay longer are welcome to partake in our hanging out.
If you stay until the evening, you are welcome to have dinner with the local pirates.


Country no. attendees
Finland (PPFI) host (many)
Sweden (PPSE) 2 (+4)
Spain (PIRATA) 1
Denmark (PPDK) 1
Germany (PPDE) 2
Austria (PPOE)
France (PPFR)
Netherlands (PPNL)



If you need help with getting reasonably priced accommodation, we are keen to help.

If you cannot afford accommodation, please contact for eg. Anton Tamminen / Dragu ASAP for an inquiry about possible accommodation at the local pirates'.